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Anna the Goanna
(Children's Book Council of Australia -  2001)

Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Jenny Taylor
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
ISBN: 0-85575-344-7


 flies_poem3.jpg“There is much to like about these poems … their effervescent rhythms and rhymes are irresistible.”
Helen Purdie, Magpies magazine, March 2008

"FROM shooting a roo with a .22 to the scourge of petrol sniffing, these illustrated poems capture a slice of everyday life in remote indigenous Australia. Forgoing the dull, reverential approach seen in too many children's books about Aborigines or the Dreamtime, this rollicking collection uses rhyme and earthy humour to convey the highs (and some crushing lows) commonly experienced by indigenous youngsters. Accessible and insightful, Anna the Goanna should be read by students in indigenous and non-indigenous schools alike."
Rosemary Neill, The Australian newspaper, June 28th 2008

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Put a Cockroach in my Muesli

Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Sue O'Loughlin

Era Publications

"Mischievous, playful, profound and poignant - these poems about food cover it all. Put a Cockroach in my Muesli encourages children to think about the important and varied roles that food plays in our lives."

Traffic Light Rap
traffic light.jpgtraffic light rap sa.jpg

Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Gaston Vanzet

Era Publications

Eta Cuisenaire (USA)


This is a fun way to teach younger children  about road safety...

It begins ...

Well, well, what do you know?
Red means stop and green means go,
Stop on red, go on green,
That's what those two colours mean.




Susie Blue and the Super Glue
Susie Blue.jpg

In this book you'll meet Susie Blue (who has a major disaster with a tube of super glue), a pig (who tries to fly), a boy (whose report card is a catastrophe), an elephant (who thinks she's a duck), and a tiger (who is always apologising). Susie Blue and the Super Glue is a collection of poems by Jill and other Australian poets. Warning: Make sure the floor is clean. You'll roll on it laughing.

Era Publications (Australia)

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