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Our Land, Our Stories

I was delighted to contribute to 'Our Land, Our Stories', which is a landmark educational series exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, peoples and cultures.


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Weird and Wonderful Trees

I like trees. Do you like them too? Come and take a look at some weird and wonderful trees.

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Zeke Goes to Space School

It is Zeke’s first day at his new school. He does not want to go.

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Time to Sleep

It is time to sleep. Animals sleep in all kinds of ways. Could you sleep like these animals?

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Shock Waves

Ruby and Chester are excited to visit the dazzling new fairground, Shock Waves. But they’re in for some nasty surprises – nothing seems to work as it should. Something strange is going on … and Ruby is determined to get to the bottom of it.

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Zeke and the Big Sand Cake

Zeke wants to make a big sand cake. How big will it get?

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Exploring Rock Pools

Let's take a look in a rock pool. What creatures do you think we'll find in there?

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Saving Water!

saving_water.jpgWhen you use water, do you ever think about:

  • where the water came from?
  • what would happen if the water ran out?
Saving water is very important. Let’s learn about how we can save it!

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