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Our Land, Our Stories

I was delighted to contribute to 'Our Land, Our Stories', which is a landmark educational series exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, peoples and cultures.


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Weird and Wonderful Trees

I like trees. Do you like them too? Come and take a look at some weird and wonderful trees.

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Zeke Goes to Space School

It is Zeke’s first day at his new school. He does not want to go.

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Time to Sleep

It is time to sleep. Animals sleep in all kinds of ways. Could you sleep like these animals?

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Shock Waves

Ruby and Chester are excited to visit the dazzling new fairground, Shock Waves. But they’re in for some nasty surprises – nothing seems to work as it should. Something strange is going on … and Ruby is determined to get to the bottom of it.

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Zeke and the Big Sand Cake

Zeke wants to make a big sand cake. How big will it get?

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Exploring Rock Pools

Let's take a look in a rock pool. What creatures do you think we'll find in there?

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Saving Water!

saving_water.jpgWhen you use water, do you ever think about:

  • where the water came from?
  • what would happen if the water ran out?
Saving water is very important. Let’s learn about how we can save it!

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Zeke and the Popple Bird

The popple bird gets out at Space Zoo. Can Zeke help find it?

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Captain FRAN-tastic and the Yum Yum Gang

The people of Eatmore City are the laziest in the land. They guzzle lollies and puddings all day long and never exercise, unless you count snoring! When all the sweets and treats go missing, a surprise superhero comes to the rescue. Nothing turns out the way anyone expected though.

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Animals with Armour
animals_with_armour.jpgMany animals have armour to protect them. Armour makes it very hard for a predator to eat its prey. Find out about the different kinds of armour: spikes, scales, shells and exoskeletons.

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The Arctic Circle
the_arctic_circle.jpgThe area inside the Arctic Circle is a vast, icy ocean, surrounded by frozen land. The people and animals that live in the Arctic have adapted to the extreme cold in many different ways.
Even though the Arctic is a harsh environment, it is also a delicate one. The warming of Earth’s climate is damaging the Arctic. This is endangering the animals that depend on the Arctic ice for survival, such as polar bears.

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Popcorn the Wonder Pony
popcorn_the_wonder_pony.jpgSophie and her pony, Popcorn, have just joined the Silver Saddles Pony Club. They used to perform in a circus, where Popcorn the Wonder Pony did all sorts of amazing tricks.
Now, Popcorn wants to show off his tricks at the pony club! Will they fit in with the other ponies and riders? And can Popcorn win a prize at the annual pony club fun day?

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They Fought For Justice
Throughout history, many individuals have fought for justice and equality. The six people in this book are remarkable examples of people who fought for what is right. Through their courage, leadership and self-sacrifice, they improved the lives of millions of people. Today, their stories continue to inspire others to work towards a fairer world.

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Intrepid Journeys
Throughout history, there have been many famous people who have undertaken intrepid journeys. Some of these journeys have been for fame and fortune, while others were for survival. Find out what made these brave people embark on their treacherous journeys: Zheng He, Christopher Columbus, Ernest Shackleton, Amelia Earhart and Molly Craig.

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Perfect Pets
Perfect Pets explores the pros and cons of different pets. Find out about clever geckos, busy chickens, cuddly cats and more! Oxford Reading Tree inFact is a non-fiction series that aims to engage children in reading for pleasure as powerfully as fiction does.

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 by Oxford University Press
The Orange Grove Mystery

Charlie and his friends, Abby and Bec, are the ABC Gang – and they’re always on the lookout for mysteries to solve. When they go on holiday to Orange Grove, Charlie thinks it’s going to be boring. But then they spy a suspicious man carrying a strange package and Charlie realises that the gang has stumbled onto a whole new mystery. And it won’t be easy to solve!

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Princess Polly: The Very Cold Day

It is a very cold day. Ice is here and there. Can Dragon help Princess Polly?

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Princess Polly: The Very Bad Day

Princess Polly is having a very bad day. How will she cheer up?

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The Mystery at Number 7
Abby loves mystery stories. She is a member of the ABC Gang, a group always on the lookout for mystery. When an unusual neighbour moves in next door, she and her friends have to investigate. What they find will surprise them – but maybe not all is as it seems?

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