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Spick and Span
Chapter One
Perfect Petals
Daisy Petal's parents liked everything to be perfect. Their house was perfectly clean. Their garden was perfectly tidy. Their clothes and hair and smiles were all perfectly perfect.
No one in Gladville was surprised when the Petals won the Rub-a-Dub-Dub Award for Hygiene and All Round Cleanliness.
"We are not surprised," said the people of Gladville.
The Mayor beamed when he came to visit. "I shall send a TV crew to capture this image of perfect cleanliness."
Mr and Mrs Petal turned pink with delight. Luckily it was a shade that matched their lounge room décor perfectly.
"We will be famous," they chorused in perfect unison.
The TV crew was due to arrive at four o'clock.
"We have an hour to get ready," said the Petals as they bustled about polishing bedsprings and ironing curtains.
"Perfect," said Mrs Petal as she swept the roof.
"Perfect," said Mr Petal as he polished the letterbox.
Everything was now ready for the TV crew. Except for one thing. Daisy.
Ever since she was old enough to crawl, Daisy had been clumsy. Not just average clumsy, but super MEGA clumsy! Now, at ten years old, she was a walking disaster. She spilt her food, broke her toys and sent furniture crashing. Her parents were always running behind her, cleaning up her accidents.
"We must not let Daisy spoil our fabulous moment of fame," murmured the Petals to one another.
Little did they know that at that very moment, Daisy was on her way home from school with a terrible surprise.

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