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Gabby and Duffy
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Gabby and Duffy
by Jill McDougall

Gabby is a tabby cat,
A crabby, rather flabby cat,
She sits inside the kitchen door
And cries and cries and cries.

Duffy is a fluffy dog,
A huffy, rather puffy dog,
He sits outside the kitchen door
And sighs and sighs and sighs.

'Goodness me,' says Auntie Min,
'You're making such a dreadful din,
Out you go you crabby cat
And that will be the end of that.'

Now Duffy sees the open door,
It's just the chance he's waiting for,
He creeps beneath the kitchen chair,
And sighs with silent pleasure there.

'I like outside,' purrs Gabby cat,
That crabby, rather flabby cat,
'I like to sniff the autumn leaves,
And hunt for beetles on the trees.'

'I like inside,' sighs Duffy dog,
That huffy, rather puffy dog,
'I like to snooze till half past three,
Then watch the footy on TV.'

From Susie Blue and the Super Glue
Era Publications 2007

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