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Teaching GABBY AND DUFFY as a performance piece
Teaching Gabby and Duffy as a performance piece (from Susie Blue and the Super Glue , Era Publications, 2007)

1. Have the poem displayed on a large chart. Read the poem all the way through to the class.

2. Divide the class into two groups and have each group read alternative verses. Then swap verses.

3. Discuss each animal’s personality.
(Gabby is a ‘crabby rather flabby cat.’
Duffy is a ‘huffy rather puffy dog.’)
What does each animal like to do best?

4. Have individuals from each group practise walking like Gabby and Duffy and miming their favourite activities.

5. Find the parts in the poem where Gabby and Duffy speak. Highlight the dialogue in different colours. (This is a good opportunity to teach inverted commas or ‘speech marks.’)

6. The Gabby group practises saying their dialogue with the teacher filling in the gaps. e.g

I like outside,” purrs Gabby cat,
that crabby rather flabby cat,
I like to sniff the autumn leaves
and hunt for beetles in the trees.

7. The Duffy group practises saying their dialogue with the teacher filling in the gaps. e.g
I like inside,” sighs Duffy dog,
that huffy rather puffy dog,
I like to snooze til half past three
then watch the footy on TV.

8. Have a volunteer read the poem with the Gabby and Duffy groups supplying the dialogue.

9. Now divide the class into four groups: A narrator group, Auntie Min, Gabby and Duffy. Practise reading the poem with each group taking on their role.

10. Add sound effects such as Gabby crying and Duffy sighing in appropriate places.

11. Video or tape the performance and watch a replay.

12. Make costumes and perform the poem for a wider audience.

For more information on Jill McDougall or to send her an email visit www.jillmcdougall.com.au - a child- friendly site!

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