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Jackson's Bear
Author: Jill McDougall

Illustrator: John Bennett

Publisher: Macmillan
Spick and Span
Spick and Span.jpg

Daisy Petal's parents are not pleased when she brings home the class rats, Spick and Span. The Petals like everything to be perfect. They have won an award for Hygiene and All-Round Cleanliness, and a TV crew is on its way to interview them. Spick and Span tells the story of a family catapulted into a series of hilarious mishaps and a surprising solution. Read first chapter .

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Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Greg Holfeld

Beetle is in trouble. He has been summoned by the queen to find her gold ring, which is lost. She has heard that he has magical powers for finding things. He is frightened about what she will do to him when she discovers he is a fraud. Beetle is a retelling of a Russian folktale. It is engaging and funny. But at a deeper level Beetle is about problem solving and honesty.

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Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Tim Ide
The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf.jpg


You know what happened when the Big Bad Wolf came to the house of the three little pigs. Or do you? You see the little pigs can't stand all that huffing and puffing because of the wolf's ... ahem .. toxic breath. There's plenty of surprises and loads of laughs in this light-hearted fractured fairytale.

The Big Bad Wolf is in two parts - a play and a short story. Perfect for the primary classroom!

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Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Deborah Baldassi


Oceans of Courage - Andrew's Story

Oceans of Courage.jpgA true story ...

Andrew Hartley had it all - good looks, sporting skill and a great family. No-one could have guessed how his life would turn out - especially Andrew. Some people think his story is sad. Others say it's amazing and even inspiring. You can judge for yourself. It made my editor cry!

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Postcards from Mexico

Postcards from Mexico.jpg


Bienvenidos! Welcome to Mexico. Snow-capped volcanoes, ancient pyramids, glitzy resorts and steamy rainforests ... Mexico has all this and more. Pack your camera and hiking boots and get ready to explore.

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Good Luck Lilly!

Good luck, Lilly.jpgWhen her family moved to a new house, Lilly said, 'I bet I can find an adventure in the forest next door.'  Before you could say, Good luck!", Lilly was kidnapped by aliens and taken to a planet with humming flowers and three suns. Lilly meets some strange creatures who want her help. But how will Lilly get back home?

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Author: Jill McDougall
Illustrator: Simon Scales  
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